Junior Software Engineer

Reports to: Principal Software Architect

FLSA Status: Exempt

Full/Part-time: Full-time

Location: Remote - Japan preferred

Who We Are: Factories lose millions of dollars each year when their lines stop or produce flawed products. Many manufacturers have not had access to the latest software technologies, and so this presents an opportunity to make a big impact.

We are an early-stage startup looking to modernize industrial manufacturing through enterprise software, with our beachhead customers being steel tube production lines. Our platform collects, integrates, transforms, stores, analyzes, displays, and provides real-time alerts for telemetry on factory lines. This includes data from hardware sensors, enterprise IT data, and streaming video. This provides factories with the ability to catch and communicate errors early and provide recommendations to reduce their occurrence. We specialize in providing real-time insights, factory-specific intelligence, and end-to-end solutions for data management.

We were founded by experts in Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing, and have just closed on an agreement to expand our partnership with our pilot customer. We are ready to start growing our team; now is the time to get in on the ground floor of an exciting opportunity!

Position Summary and Purpose: Responsible for developing, testing, and deploying new features for the IndustrialML platform, under the guidance of our Principal Software Architect. We use Elixir on devices that capture telemetry on factory lines, and the Phoenix Framework for our customer facing web application. We're using channels for near real time monitoring, analysis, and (soon) prediction using Machine Learning and Machine Vision (Python stack). We've got a bit of Javascript and some data visualizations. Our data is primarily stored in Postgres and Elasticsearch.

Job responsibilities may extend anywhere from expanding data capture to new sensors, to improving front end UI, to deployment of ML architecture, to building out our reporting engine. We are looking primarily for people experienced with at least some of the tools above, but we are also ready to support key professional growth goals for anyone who demonstrates curiosity and capability to pick up new skills quickly.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop, test, and deploy features in collaboration with a small engineering team of 5 people.

  • Clean and transform customer data as necessary to be meaningful to industrial customers.

  • Interface with industrial customers to understand challenges and rationale for feature requests.

  • Actively participate in regular internal team discussions and code reviews.

  • Monitor the success of deployed features and meeting customer needs and make revisions accordingly.

Desired Experience:

  • Have completed a program that teaches software development skills and team collaboration practices (programming bootcamp, CS degree, or similar)

  • Familiarity with source code management tools (git, Github).

  • Experience working with customers in industrial manufacturing or similar is a plus, especially if you don't already have career experience developing software.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Characteristics, etc.:

  • Ability to write and debug code in a reasonably modern programming language (we use Elixir, plus a little Python and C++; the team generally had backgrounds in Ruby, JavaScript and other languages prior to this project).

  • Experience working in a team environment with a customer-deployed end product (for the mid-career position)

  • Experience communicating with customers having limited sophistication in software development

  • Understanding of mental models for software development

  • Familiarity managing evolving goals and milestones in an agile development environment

  • Well organized, disciplined and self-motivated, capable of balancing multiple priorities

  • Ability to effectively communicate with internal company personnel, vendors and customers with equal effectiveness, professionalism and positivity

  • Flexibility in handling responsibilities outside your comfort zone

. What We Offer:

  • A chance to get in on the ground floor with a growing team solving challenging problems for factories

  • A positive company culture which values collaboration, hard work, and mutual respect

  • Support for professional development goals and opportunities to work on projects which expand your skill set

  • Salary and benefits commensurate with experience

  • Opportunities for equity in an early-stage startup

  • We are open to offering visa sponsorship (but it's new to us; we're just starting to figure it out)

If this sounds interesting but you're not sure about your appropriateness for the role, please get in touch anyway and we can discuss further.

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